Statistics is a subject many students find challenging because it requires you to think in a different way then you are used to. In order to succeed in statistics, you need to understand the principles and be able to apply that knowledge to solve more difficult problems.

The problem with statistics is once you fall behind, it can be extremely difficult to catch up. Because the concepts build on one another, if you fall behind in one area you will have a hard time understanding the new material you are learning in class. This is why many students choose to work with a statistics tutor.

But looking for a statistics tutor can feel very overwhelming. How do you know who is qualified to help you and whether or not you and that person will be a good fit to work together? Listed below are five tips for choosing a statistics tutor:

#1. Figure out what your goals are for tutoring

Do you need help improving your tests grades or are you struggling to learn the concepts discussed in class? Be sure to clearly outline your goals and share them with the person you end up working with.

goals for tutoring

#2. Decide whether you want an online or in-person tutor

This choice will give you clarity as to where to look for your tutor. There are numerous benefits to both online and in-person tutoring. If you choose an online tutor you will have more options as to who you can work with and more flexibility with scheduling tutoring sessions. However, many people worry that online tutoring is not as personal as working with an in-person tutor. Ultimately, you should choose whatever is the best fit for your personality and lifestyle.

#3. Figure out what your tutoring budget is

Obviously, the more experience a tutor has the more expensive they will be but you can find many quality tutors for $20 or $30 an hour. You should be realistic about what you can afford but you don’t necessarily want to just pick the cheapest person either. Tutoring is an investment in your education and you want the person you work with to be fully equipped to help you.


#4. Check your tutor’s credentials and references

Find out how much experience your tutor has in statistics and how many other students they have tutored before you. Ideally, you will not be their very first student. You should also check their references and talk to their past and current students. This will give you a better idea of what it is like to work with that person.

#5. Find out what their teaching style is and what is involved in tutoring

What are your tutor’s teaching style and philosophy on learning? Asking this question will give you an idea of whether or not you and that person are a good fit to work together. You should also find out what is involved in your weekly tutoring sessions. Does this person provide their own resources such as PDF’s and worksheets to help you or are you responsible for all the materials?

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