Statistics is a type of applied mathematics that we use in nearly every aspect of our lives. Statistics provides a more efficient way of explaining real-world events through concise data. Statistics is used in political polling, medical diagnoses, weather forecasts, and much more.

And in college, you will probably have to take at least one statistics class. Psychology, sociology, and business are just a few of the majors that offer specialized statistics courses as well.

Statistics can also be a very challenging subject for many students, especially those who do not excel in math. Listed below are five reasons why you need to learn statistics:

#1. Statistics teaches you how to think critically

Taking a statistics course will sharpen your analytical and critical thinking skills. In order to do well in a statistics course, you have to develop very high-level logical thinking skills. The skills you learn in statistics will help you in almost all of your other classes.

logical thinking skills

#2. Statistics teaches you how to be more informed

When you are familiar with statistical concepts you will be a more informed consumer. You will have the ability to look at and interpret data and apply the information for yourself.

#3. Statistics teach you how to effectively conduct research

Statistics is what gives us the data to be able to make informed decisions. Without statistics, it would be very difficult to make an educated decision. Statistics allows us to analyze two possible decisions using our knowledge of inferential statistics and probability.

to effectively conduct research

#4. Majoring in statistics can open up many job opportunities

There is a high demand for statisticians and they tend to make a decent salary starting out. The median salary for a data scientist with under three years of experience is $80,000 and $150,000 for those with more than nine years of experience.

By pursuing a career in statistics, you have numerous options across the country to choose from. Pharmaceutical companies, technology companies, and nonprofits all employ statisticians.

#5. Statistics teaches you how to read and evaluate academic literature

In college, you will be required to read numerous journals and other academic literature to conduct research and write papers. Most academic literature that you read will contain some forms of statistics. Without a thorough understanding of statistics, you will have a difficult time interpreting a lot of that information.

plan to pursue a career

Even taking just one statistics course in college can benefit you in numerous ways, even if you plan to pursue a career in another subject. In this digital age, more and more jobs are requiring skills in data analysis and statistical literacy. And an increasing number of college majors are beginning to require one or more statistics credits. Regardless of what major you are pursuing or what career path you end up on, studying statistics can help you in some way.

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